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    This is where we house articles, studies, letters, and other communications dealing with the water quality problems facing the Cherry Valley/Beaumont area.  These are here for you to educate yourself, and to keep up-to-date on this very important topic.  We'll add more as things unfold.

    Many think that CVAN has an "agenda" regarding this issue.  They're right, we do.  Our agenda is to find the truth, wherever that may lead. Don't let anyone tell you what to think. Read the information provided here and make up your own mind

    Form 11-Policy on Establishing A Ground Water Qualtiy Evaluation Commiittee 03.36.pdf
CV Water Quality Impacts-Wildermuth Report-RIVCO Env Health Letter.pdf

CRWQCB-Santa Ana Region-Wildermuth Report Response Letter.pdf

CV Water Quality Impacts-Wildermuth Report-RIVCO Ordinace 871.pdf

CV Water Quality Impacts-Press Enterprise Article March 19 2008231.pdf

Water. PDF

    Here's an interesting study by the USGS:

   This is from the County Department of Environmental Health:  It is a copy of the notes written by John
   Covington who was one of the "experts" appointed by Supervisor Ashley to the Cherry Valley Water Quality
   Committee.  Mr. Covington went page by page through the Wildermuth Report and posed questions about
   the methods and science of the report.  The Water Quality web address is:
   http://www.rivcoeh.org/opencms/rivcoeh/GroundWater_Committee.html and it contains documents as
   well as recordings of the meetings.  Very Informative.

    Here is the Final Report and Recommendations from the Groundwater Quality Evaluation for the
    Beaumont/Cherry Valley Area.

    This is a report given to the Beaumont Cherry Valley Water District at the July 8th meeting. It's by
    J. Reichengerger, district engineer. Click here to read the report.



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