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This page is for time sensitive and/ or urgent matters.  Please check in here regularly. The latest issue will always be on top.


The Gateway Project

Another New Project Has Reared its Ugly Head

Riverside county is considering a project called “Gateway Center This will be a two-and-a-half million square-foot (yes, you read that right) distribution center that will sit on the north side of Cherry Valley Blvd, just a little bit east of the 10 freeway. Follow the link to read the project report.

A distribution center is a giant warehouse that holds products waiting to be distributed to and from manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers, via truck. And – get this – this gigantic warehouse will have four hundred and twenty-eight loading docks!

How many trucks do you think can move in and out of all those loading docks? That could easily be hundreds of trucks per day, with a dozen concurrently at any given moment.

Imagine trying to get on or off the 10 freeway and having a dozen trucks in front of you, moving in and out of that center ... onto and off of Cherry Valley Blvd ... onto and off of those tiny freeway on- and off-ramps!

This could make Cherry Valley Blvd almost un-drivable!

And here’s the kicker: Because there are no houses near the proposed project, they don’t have to notify anybody of their intent to build this monstrosity.

This project is just in the beginning stages, and we must stop it in the bud.

Here is the email address for the County Planner: prull@rctlma.org. His name is Paul Rull. PLEASE send him an email stating your objections – it only takes a few minutes.

Or call him at 951-955-0972. Ask for Paul Rull.

Here are a few points you can make: Air quality … truck traffic … freeway exchange inadequate … not beneficial to a residential area … it will lower property values. I’m sure you can come up your own reasons why this thing should not be in our backyard.

Please do it today ... tomorrow may be too late.

And always feel free to call Patsy, at 951-845-9833.

The quality of the water in the Cherry Valley/Beaumont area has been a hot topic for awhile.  In CVAN's continuing efforts to keep folks informed about important matters, and as there is nothing more important than the water we all drink and bath in, we have dedicated a section of this website entirely to this issue.  You can access it here, in our Water Quality Information Site.

Water questions & information

  1. Do you know the Beaumont Basin is adjudicated?

  2. Do you know what that actually means?

  3. Were you notified as a well owner/overlyer?

  4. Are the water levels in your well going down?

  5. Are you having any trouble, in any way, with your well?

It is to our best interest that we ALL keep informed as to what's happening in the water industry in our area.  Patsy.

Here is an interesting article on Ground Water Vulnerability!

Here is another very interesting article - Climate Change Threatens California Water Supply


Earthquakes are a concern in this area. We are sitting on one of the largest fault-lines in California, and it is only a matter of when.....

It isn't difficult to be prepared.  Make a list of First Aid supplies (bandages, meds, first aid booklet), and purchase a plastic container to hold them.  Multiply this by the number of automobiles you drive, plus one.

 In my car I keep a First Aid Kit, a small piece of luggage with a change of clothes, one of those inexpensive 'throws', a can of hard Christmas candy & a container of clean fresh water.  It doesn't take up much room and it could save your life.

 For your home, you need a larger First Aid Kit, water (enough for at least 1 week),  clothing (warm & cold), a supply of food that doesn't require a lot of water to cook, (don't forget a can opener), paper goods, plastic bags, toiletries, flash lights & batteries, a small battery radio, perhaps a camp stove with a can of fuel.  Don't forget any medications you take regularly  (sometimes this is harder to do but important!)

(Note from editor:  Be sure to recycle your emergency supplies from time to time.  That way you will not be caught in an emergency with supplies that are years old and have gone bad.)

All of these items can be stored in a couple of those see-through tubs.  They can even be stored out of the house in a dry area, away from heat.  Encourage your entire family to be prepared.

Last, have a plan!  Know who you will call and where you will meet if you are away from home.  Know the alternate routes you may need in case of road closures.  REMEMBER – we are rural.  Should a disaster occur, we might be on our own for at least 1-2 weeks.  Our emergency response is limited, and most will be concentrated in the more populated areas.  I hope this message is helpful to you all. 


For more earthquake safety information, click here.



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