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                                            MISSION STATEMENT


A)  Preserve the identity of the Community of Cherry Valley as a recognized RIVERSIDE COUNTY UNINCORPORATED COMMUNITY, significant in terms of its social structure, viable economy, rural character and history, with its own distinct boundaries.

B)  Preserve the rural character of the Community

C) Promote and guide the development of the Community by encouraging proper zoning practices and the maintenance of the County General Plan, providing for land parcels of sufficient size to retain the rural character of the community.

D) Encourage friendship, harmony and cooperation among members; to promote the interchange and understanding of the rights of members to have a voice on actions that affect their Community; and to promote and support actions and events that endorse the above purposes.

E)  Provide input to the Cherry Valley Unincorporated Community.

F)  Provide input to elected Riverside County Officials, including Supervisors, Sheriff, Planners, LAFCO and others regarding Community views and concerns.

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