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     If you would like to become a member of Cherry Valley Acres & Neighbors, you need to own property in Cherry Valley, California.

     Click on the link below, make a copy of the application, and mail your request, along with a check for $10.00 (per family) to:  CVAN, P.O. Box 3257, Beaumont, CA 92223

    If you ARE NOT a property owner, your application will be presented to the CVAN Board for approval to accept a membership "out of the area."    We have never turned anyone down who believes in our mission statement.  So, if you like what we stand for, and want to join with us - WE WOULD BE PROUD TO HAVE YOU AS A MEMBER. 

    Our organization is supported by our annual dues and very generous donations from those who believe in us.  We are all volunteers and take no compensation for our dedication to this cause.

    For an application to join CVAN, please click on the link below that says "application."  The application is printer-friendly, so you just have to click the "print" icon in your browser to make a copy.  When you have printed your copy of the application, just click on the "return" link to come back to this page.


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