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        CVAN, in its quest to defend and define our community, has compiled a remarkable list of accomplishments    over the years.  Just to name a few –-



Cherry Valley attempted incorporation.  Residents feared incorporation would lead to    urbanization and destroy their rural lifestyle.



Cherry Valley successfully petitioned Riverside County to change zoning from urban R-1 to rural RA-1.



Cherry Valley (Pass) Acres & Neighbors was formed.



The Riverside Board of Supervisors agreed to Cherry Valley’s request for one-acre lot size.



The San Gorgonio Pass Plan was adopted by the Board of Supervisors.  Cherry Valley received boundaries and recognition as a Ruralistic Community (the only area, at that time with one-acre zoning).



The Cherry Valley community was unaware of LAFCO (Local Agency Formation Commission), and they were unaware that the City of Beaumont had included all of Cherry Valley in its Sphere of Influence.



The City of Beaumont made its first annexation into the Cherry Valley area at Brookside and Beaumont Avenues.  Cherry Valley lost in a bitter battle not only to stop this annexation, but also to force Beaumont to follow the General Plan of 0 to 3 units per acre.   At this time, Cherry Valley's plans for incorporation were renewed. 



Cherry Valley again began its work to incorporate.  The Community was still not receptive to the idea.



Beaumont made application to LAFCO to annex a portion of the east part of Cherry Valley.  CVAN opposed this annexation at the LAFCO hearing.  Later that same year, CVAN made a proposal to Riverside County for a Cherry Valley Community Plan.


  1984 (March)

Cherry Valley received formal status as a “Community Area” in the County’s new General Plan. Hence, we thought our boundaries were now safe.  (What a rude awakening!)


  1984 (July) 

Beaumont Council passed resolutions to annex the area between Brookside Avenue and Cherry Valley Blvd., on both sides of Beaumont Avenue.  This was 147 acres, right in the heart of Cherry Valley!  CVAN objected, but to no avail.


  1984 (August)

The preliminary battle took place at a LAFCO hearing.  We thought we had won, but LAFCO staff recommended that Beaumont’s Sphere of Influence over Cherry Valley remain!



A recall election was held, and Beaumont gained three new members on its Council.



Representatives from CVAN met with each of the five Council members individually.  We pushed for peace between the two communities.  They made it obvious that Beaumont still intended to annex into Cherry Valley.


  1985 (May) 

CVAN presented its case before LAFCO for the second time, and LAFCO voted to remove Cherry Valley from Beaumont’s Sphere of Influence



Five years later, Cherry Valley filed for incorporation.  In our opinion, if the 1992 recession had not intervened, and had the State of California not changed the rules, Cherry Valley would have realized its dream of being an incorporated city, free to pursue its own destiny.



Brought the advancement of the city of Beaumont north into Cherry Valley boundaries, and new challenges to our community.


  2002 CVAN lost the effort to keep our boundaries at Cougar Way.

Soon after, however, the city of Beaumont made a move to annex all the way to Cherry Valley Blvd. Here, CVAN took a stand. This battle resulted in the purchase of the east portion of the "Oda" property (North of Brookside) by the Beaumont/Cherry Valley Water District, and the west side being purchased by the School District. This triggered the action against Noble Creek.


  2003/2004 CVAN filed a legal action against the City of Beaumont/Noble Creek and the San Gorgonio Pass Water Agency. The Environmental Impact Report (EIR) they filed for their project was counting on approximately 700 + acre-feet of state water from the San Gorgonio Pass Water Agency as verification of an adequate water source for the development. We felt this wasn’t adequate proof, and the courts agreed with us. This resulted in a new EIR being generated.


  2006 CVAN settled a second long legal battle with Noble Creek Vistas and the City of Beaumont. We won lower density housing, protection of our Deodar trees, and energy efficient construction.

CVAN settled a legal action on the Banning Bench Project. This resulted in the water section of the EIR needing to be restudied and rewritten. If the EIR is still inadequate when it is re-filed, we can challenge it again.

We are currently challenging the Sunny Cal Project EIR.  An application has been made by Sunny Cal to the City of Beaumont to annex the egg ranch.  As of now (March 2007), it has NOT been before the City Council.

CVAN challenged the Black Bench EIR in conjunction with Highland Springs Resort, Banning Bench Community of Interest (COI), the Cherry Valley Environmental Planning Group, and The Center for Biological Diversity. The case is pending.

Legal action on the Black Bench project (1500 homes) is closed, with no development on that 1500 acres. Highland Springs Resort has purchased at least a portion of that property, and it will now be part of their operation.

Banning Bench (900+ homes): A new Environmental Impact report addressing the water issue has never been opened.

SunnyCal (500+ homes): This action is now being heard by the Appellant Court, and should be resolved sometime in 2010.


  2007 -2008 Legacy Highlands in South Beaumont (3000 homes): This development was challenged and the case was successfully closed in our favor.


  2009 -2010 Due to the downturn in the economy, and lack of sufficient water, it has been very quiet.

However, when the economy recovers, the developers are waiting in the wings. The Pardee Company owns all the property south of Highland Springs Resort -- down to Wilson, and east of Highland Springs Blvd. The plans for this property is 5000 dwelling units PLUS an 18 hole golf course!!!!!




"If the going gets easy -- you may be going down hill."


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